Manne Cederborg

Gameplay Programming / Systems Design


Game: Unreal Tournament 4

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Name: CTF-WastePlant

Team: Individual

Platforms: PC

Responsibilities: Level Design, Whiteboxing, Balancing, Light Design


Wasteplant is a capture the flag map for 6 to 8 players of intermediate to advanced skill level. The level is focused on heavy teamwork. The level is divided into areas with many paths and tactical decisions. The main key to success is to control the upper areas of each of the 5 key arenas - Red Flag Room, Red Defensive Room, Middle Arena, Blue Defensive Room and Blue Flag Room.

CTF - WastePlant

The level is designed with the translocator in mind. You can get from one side to the other very fast with the help of the translocator. However, if you are carrying the flag, you need to take one of the side paths, making you an easy target. It's necessary for teammates to assist the flag carrier in order to score.


There are also some powerups that can only be reached using the translocator.

The most powerful weapons and powerups are in the middle arena, but they are very risky to get and makes the player an easy target. The middle arena is divided into 3 levels , High Level, Middle Level and Low Level, where the highest level contains a shock rifle. It can be used to help assist your team to acquire the even more powerful items such as the shield belt and rocket launcher on the middle level. On the low level there is a mega health, but this area is even more risky, as there is no space to avoid incoming damage. Controlling the higher areas is key to winning the middle arena and gain a big advantage in the match.


From the flag room there are many different paths the player can take. The short green, medium yellow path and the long red. The short path can only be used when not carrying the flag, it requires the use of the translocator. This makes it very easy for the other team to catch the flag carrier. The flag carrier is therefore depending on his/her team to protect the flag carrier at all times.

This level is constructed to help the player navigate to the other side. Each area is very clearly blue or red, there is no confusion as to which side the player is currently on.


Small healthpacks are placed in rows to help point the player in the correct direction. The player is always able to see two big towers in the horizon, blue or red depending on the team side.

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Manne Cederborg